Unlike traditional alignment sticks, which are typically made of fiberglass or plastic, Nor'easter Sticks are handcrafted from hickory wood. Hickory is known for its strength, flexibility and attractive appearance, making it a popular choice amongst golfers around the world. Nor'easter Sticks pay homage to this heritage, appealing to the golfers who appreciate the historical significance and craftsmanship associated with traditional golf equipment.

Nor'easter Sticks are primarily used to help golfers improve their alignment, ball position and swing path. They are placed on the ground to create visual references that aid in aligning the body and club correctly. By using alignment sticks during practice sessions, golfers can develop a more consistent and accurate swing, leading to improved performance on the golf course. Some of the best golfers in the world use alignment sticks to check their ball and swing position, keep their bodies parallel (aligned) to their target line(s), and check their swing path regularly.

Almost every golfer seeks to improve their game through consistency. Our alignment sticks go a long way to help you build that consistency during your practice sessions.